About Us

The Athlete Project was built to provide tools to young athletes to have greater success in sports and in life. No matter the sport, our goal is to create a roadmap of how youth sports should be approached. Our team is here to build kids and give them the blueprint to be successful. We hope this focus on youth will raise the bar for the youth, and standard of athletics in east Idaho.

We know that athletes in Idaho and surrounding states are at a disadvantage to athletes in warmer climate areas. With our new facility athletes will be able to continue their training and development through the long winters and be at the top of their game when their season comes around. Our goal is to provide a top of the line, safe environment for athletes to take their game to the next level and beyond.

Parents can expect kids to gain a sense of responsibility, pride, and ownership in bettering themselves in their chosen sport and in life. Kids will be held accountable. We will expect greatness.

With state of the art equipment, proven programs, and a team with years of collegiate and professional athletics experience, Athlete Project is here to change the game.